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Quilt Design A Day

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the Paper Boat pattern we released on Wednesday!

In the meantime, more days have passed so more designs have been made.

3-18: feathered hues and blossoming hues – Playing with minimalism and repeats. I like that the one on the right evokes a cherry blossom feel without being too literal.

As of today, I’ve been making a design-a-day for two months. Wowza!

3-19: sprouting hues – I was inspired by the way ivy climbs up a wall which is both beautiful and destructive.

I feel like I’m starting to find my style, and what I like, which is comforting.

3-20: elephant hues – literal and more abstracted. The left design I was trying to capture the look of chalkboard art. The design on the right is one that I had printed at spoonflower.

But at the same time, comfort makes it harder to push the envelope, and makes the uncomfortable new areas even MORE uncomfortable by comparison.

3-21: feathered brights and sweetened brights – The one on the left I will definitely make into a real quilt sometime soon. I was very happy with how the colors look like a mountainscape visible through the feathered shapes. The one on the right is my current project. This was where the macaron quilt began.

So it feels like more days are a struggle now, with lots of “repeated” motifs and ideas, and nothing new.

3-22: color cloves and petalled pinks – I’ve decided that orange peel is the cure-all for quilt design. It always looks good!

I’m trying to work through it, because I know this is just one of those many artistic hurdles, and that heart of it, I’m still enjoying the process.

3-23: dessert hues – The beginning of my low volumes + bright splashes of colors phase. This will be showing up more in the future. I can’t help it, I really like this style!

But it can be pretty frustrating, sometimes.

3-24: hummingbird hues – Hummingbirds are my mom’s favorite, so I was immediately drawn to do this image, even though I didn’t like the colors. I made the stars to mimic the movement of hummingbird wings. This is one of my favorite designs I’ve created so far, and I love the colors! Go figure.

With all that said, the designs from this week I’m displaying here are some of my favorites I’ve made. πŸ™‚


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