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Quilt Design A Day

I finally made a Quilt Design A Day category, so it would be easier to find other QDAD posts. You can find them all here. With over 30 more designs to share (and more getting made every day), it seemed like it was time to make them easier to find!

Also, a quick aside, Adrianne @ On the Windy Side is doing a series of interviews with quilters, and yesterday she featured me! πŸ˜€ I was seriously flattered, and it was a lot of fun answering her questions. Check it out, especially if you have ideas for a way to have community discussions in the quilting world. Thank you, Adrianne!

So it’s Friday, which means it’s time for more QDADs! Just a quick reminder, the QDAD community is an open group on Facebook, and you’re welcome to join in with designs whenever and however often as you want. We use the daily images from design-seeds for our inspiration for the day, and the goal is to just get designing for 15-30 minutes. You’re also welcome to come and lurk, although comments and constructive critique are always welcome.

4-22: spooled hues

I absolutely loved the colors in the image for this one, but found the palette somewhat drab. I mostly played around with the spiral shape of the ribbon until I got a few I liked.


4-23: global hues and sweetened tones

Both of these are pretty similar to earlier work I’ve done. The one on the left is another in the series of “odd one out” that I seem to gravitate towards, and the one on the right is similar to urchin tones from a few weeks prior. I was really struggling with coming up with new things at this point.


4-24: chilled hues

Playing with more retro designs. I don’t particularly like the design, but I thought it was funny, and I ran out of time to turn it into something I liked more.


4-25: geode tones

Simple triangle quilt in two different colorations. More order and chaos, which the [many] geode images always seem to bring out of me.


4-26: petalled hues

It was around this time that I decided I need some sort of goal to work towards if I was going to continue to challenge myself. I wanted to get more comfortable with working with circles, and I wanted to try out more minimalist designs. I’m always drawn to them, but rarely make them myself. Most of my designs these days fall more minimalist like this, but it really started on this day. You can tell how much I struggle by how many designs I come up with. This was not an easy day. (Also, look! Coral!)

4-27: weathered hues

I love locks and hidden things, so I really enjoyed working with the design-seed from that day. Still working on minimalism and becoming comfortable with not using the entire palette.

4-28: amethyst hues

I didn’t start out that I wanted this design to look like a neon sign you’d see in Vegas, but that’s where it ended up. I do like the way the shapes interlock and all the different shapes that show up in the negative space, I just kind of wish the shape that showed up wasn’t a sign you’d see in Vegas. πŸ˜‰


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