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Quilt Design A Day

Time for another dose of design sketches! You can see all the Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) posts here. You are welcome to join us here.

4-30: creature tones

There’s sort of a running joke in the QDAD group about seeing eyes in a bunch of different designs. This is a nod to that. You do designs long enough and you go a little crazy!

5-1: color-peek

The design on the left is inspired by the orientation of the bunny’s ears in the inspiration image, and I like how they look like carrot tops.

5-2:color love

The original shape was designed around the way the tails of the two birds overlap, but somewhere in there it turned into DNA helix.

5-3: a door blues

I mentioned this last week, but I was really starting to play with more minimalist designs around this time. This is one of my favorites. I was also playing more with the idea of locks/keys and hidden things. This design was about hiding the foreground shape by making the background more bold. I’d also really started to get comfortable with not using the full palette.

5-4: a door hues

More minimalism. More playing with lock/keys/hidden things as a theme. Most of these are fairly abstract so the theme doesn’t really carry across, but they were enjoyable to play with from a design point of view.

5-5: global hues and cinco color

The left design is inspired by the lamp next to the door, although the abstraction almost looks like a carnival or hot air balloon with that stripe in there. The one on the right ended up looking like a rug. Not particularly pleased with either of them, but that’s the way it goes.

5-6: still life hues

I designed this one while sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Boston for Gillian’s wedding. I think it’s fitting that the design ended up looking a bit like bridal wallpaper!


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