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Quilt Design A Day Conundrum

3-11: chi-tones & color setAmy @ badskirt made a comment that this palette reminded her of nylons, so we ended up all making a nylon quilt design. This is my L’eggs design! The other is a confetti style quilt. The pier shape reminded me of the tumbler design, and I went from there.

It’s been almost two months now, and I’m still creating a quilt design a day (although I did finally miss a day earlier this week due to travel + illness + I just plain forgot.)

3-12: nature hues – I usually avoid the palettes with flowers because flowers are hard, but there were two flower palettes on this day. Ack! So I made two designs based on the flower buds – minimalist & repeating. The one on the right is one of the designs I tried out with Spoonflower.

I’m about 3 or 4 weeks behind on posting the designs I’ve done at this point, and I’m not quite sure what to do with them all. While I can easily create a design or three in a day, it takes a lot longer to design a pattern. I’m sure I’d get faster at it, but right now I think I’m capable of making 1, maybe 2 patterns a month.

3-13: street hues – I was inspired by the shapes above the window. Someone in the group said that this looked like standing atop a tall building and looking down at a parade, and now that’s all I can see.

And by the time the end of the month rolls around, I’m a lot less interested in my earlier designs because new! shiny!

3-14: a door hues – I really loved the intricateness of the designs and motifs in the image. This falls into the “would suck to make” category with those squares being tiny. This is one of the designs I put on Spoonflower.

So I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed on two levels. The first is being behind on sharing the designs with you. Should I continue to share all the designs with you? Pick my favorites? Just show you the ones that are likely to get patterned? Quit showing them at all and just share the patterns?

3-15: mineral hues – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to design some gemstones! These would make great paper-piecing patterns.

The other is figuring out what to pattern. I’ve gotten a lot of interest in pattern testing (thank you!) but I’m flailing around a bit figuring out how to even get started. It’s difficult when by the time I’ve come up with a pattern, 15-30 new designs have been created and that pattern is now old news.

3-16: color school & color yarn – Abstract and more literal. The left is made entirely out of chevrons, the different shapes come from the coloration. I like the abstractness of this one. The one on the right is a paper-piecing pattern and depending on how you color it you can do some fun designs.

I’m not entirely sure this post makes sense, but hopefully you lovely people have some suggestions anyway! 😀

3-17: succulent color – Left is colors as given, right is the version I want to make. Mmm rainbow.


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