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Quilt Design A Day – Cruise Edition

This week’s batch of QDAD designs were all created around the time I was on the cruise to Cozumel.

4-1: mental vacation

The design seed image for the day before I left on my trip was of a beautiful beach. It seemed so fitting! I’ve often commented about how my mental state plays a huge role in what designs show up, and this is a classic example. The one on the left was designed while thinking about relaxing on the balcony and having some time off for the first time in a long time. But it felt too easy, and I felt like I should push a bit more, so I spent more and more time tweaking. After numerous versions, I was starting to get worried about it being 11p, and I hadn’t started packing, and I had to be up at 4am to catch my flight. And that’s when the one on the right emerged. I feel like both mental states are well represented in these designs!

4-2: urchin tones

The night before the cruise left, I was staying at a hotel in Florida, and hanging out with my BFF for the first time in a while. We have gone to a lot of conferences together and there are certain traditions (the struggle to see who gets all the extra pillows on their bed, HGTV binge viewing, etc.) and this design was created while watching HGTV. I sort of like the influence watching house construction had on the design.

4-3: dried tones


The morning before we left the hotel, I grabbed the two design seeds for the day so we’d have them on the ship (where we would be internetless.) However, we didn’t actually work on the designs until 2am. Thus starting a new tradition which would continue throughout our trip. Starting that late really motivates you to follow the time limit!

4-4: Wakes and Diamonds

But now we had the additional bonus of having to come up with our own design seeds. The ship we were on had 14 decks (floors) so we spent a lot of time on the elevator. We were both drawn to the design of the arrow in the elevator, and how illuminating different parts made it point up or down. We both decided to do a design using that shape. The colors we drew from the most appealing thing around which was the gorgeous water surrounding us.

4-5: Cozumel

The next day was our shore day at Cozumel. We wandered around Chankanaab and found the tequila museum (which was closed). They had these beautiful woven blankets covering all their tables, so we took pictures of them for our color inspiration. For my design inspiration, I wanted to capture the snorkeling I had done as it was the highlight of my trip. I saw a number of large schools of tiny fish which stayed very close to the surface of the water, while the bigger fish that swam solo were often deeper.  I was trying to capture that dynamic in this design.

4-6: Conference Tones

For the entirety of the trip, I was attending talks and panels in the conference rooms in the belly of the ship. The carpet was .. really something. So I wanted to do a design based on the colors and the conference itself. It turns out I don’t really like these colors much, nor the design. But the conference itself was quite nice!

Next week: a return to normal?


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