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Quilt Design A Day Friday

I love Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) share day because it means there’s a weekend coming up! 🙂 And also because it’s fun to share designs. That too, of course. 😉

7-18: flamingo tones

One thing I’ve learned about myself throughout this design process is that I actually really love argyles and plaids and other such designs. This is more of a lawn chair weave, inspired by Amy @ badskirt and her love for lawn chairs, but I feel it fits in the plaid/argyle category. I really love this one.

7-19: yellow view

This is a fairly literal interpretation of the photo, but I was really inspired by the shapes and sections of color.  I could probably do an entire series of minimalist shape abstractions of the inspiration photos because I’m so fond of that style. Hrm. New series?

7-20: a door hues

This started out as a doodle inspired by the studs on the door. I’m not particularly happy with where it ended up, although I like the interaction between the foreground and background of the design, and it could be fun to play with that sort of thing more.

7-21: provence palette

I somehow took a Provence Palette and turned it into an Aztec Palette or possibly a Southwest Palette, but I really like the colors. I came up with a block that is a twist on a churn dash and ended up using it for about a week’s worth of designs because I thought it had some fun characteristics. This was the first in that exploration.

7-22: swimmingly tones

Playing some more with my block shape, but bringing attention to the secondary shapes. I think this might be my favorite of the series.

7-23: fresh cut color

Same block, finding different patterns in the repeats.

7-24: produced palette

I was playing with that block, and transparency, and it kinda got out of control and I ended up with this Tron transporter like thing. Yeah, I have no idea, either.

And that’s another week wrapped up! I hope you all have a creative weekend!


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