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Quilt Design A Day Giveaway!

It’s the time for another exciting round of Quilt Design A Day! It’s my 6-month-design-a-day-iversary today, so I thought we could celebrate by doing a giveaway! (Also, that totally rhymed.) Details at the end.

For now, here’s some designs from the end of May/beginning of June. I had just purchased two quarter-circle templates (in 3.5″ and 6.5″ sizes) from bettycrockerass and I decided I’d do some designs for a bit based on the templates. This turned into an almost month-long design exploration, so prepare for a lot of curves in the coming weeks!

5-30: summer hues

I really love this palette, it’s so fresh and summery! This fun floral shape felt a bit celebratory like the beginning of summer.

5-31: chilled hues

I really enjoy seeing new shapes emerge when using the two sizes of quarter circles together. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers!

6-1: peacock hues

So obviously I took a little break from circles here! I had spent the day at a Maker Event in a barn and was really inspired by the tire tread on one of the tractors on the farm. This design is a direct result of that!

6-2: feathered palette

Trying to capture the idea of little whirlwinds. I’m not particularly fond of this design, but you can’t love them all!

6-3: sugared tones – Morsafada

And then this happened. When I made this design, I really didn’t like it. I posted something to the effect “the only way I like this design is if I think about it as the beginning of some alien flora series.” That night my brain wouldn’t let go of that idea and it did indeed become the beginning of an alien flora series of designs. This one now exists as a completed project, with lights and everything!

For each alien flora, I wrote up a little backstory. Here’s the one for the Morsafada plant: The Morsafada plant has small pendulous blooms which come in a large variety of colors. They are native to the planet Hadu and are often used as decorative plants by its inhabitants. 

The stamen of the Morsafada plant change color when approached, so they are often planted near dwelling entrances to give a sense of welcome to visitors.

6-4: floating hues – Draakflor

The poisonous Draakflor (right) is named for its resemblance to the forest dragons that also inhabit the region. The almost invisible thorns are carefully harvested and used for medicinal purposes. If handled incorrectly, it has been known to cause paralysis and even death, and should never be ingested.

The young Draakflor (left), before it has reached full bloom and color is non-poisonous and often prized for use in floral arrangements due to its translucent petals.

6-5: global hues and flora tones – Härmastoft

The Härmastoft, first discovered by Swedish intergalactic explorers, requires a great deal of heat to bloom. The stiff, brushy plant has large buds which mimic the nests of the local Vogelsperling. The Vogelsperling are a very nurturing species of small birds, and upon seeing an untended nest, they will immediately begin caring for it. The body heat of the nesting bird allows the plant to bloom. 

The relationship is not totally one-sided, as the blooms attract insects that the Vogelsperling feed upon.

The Härmastoft has flourished across its homeworld (MH-779) to many different biomes by adapting its coloring to match the nests of the subspecies of vogelsperling that inhabit the area.


Congratulations for making it this far! Most of the designs we do in the QDAD group use 6 colors. So I thought it’d be fun to do a custom bundle of 6 half-yards of Kona Cottons. If you win, you can choose the 6 colors (or you can let me choose if you’d rather.)

To enter: Leave a comment about the color or colors you don’t like working with or have a hard time with! (And if you’re like me and love them all, that’s fine, too!)

Contest will go until Tuesday, July 22nd, 9pm Pacific. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday. Good luck!


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