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QuiltCon 2016

Hey everyone! Since last writing I packed all of our belongings, drove cross-country, started my new job at American University, worked for a week, and then flew back to California for a conference which is where I’m at now. I won’t be back to DC until the first weekend of July. It is currently unknown whether our stuff or I will arrive to the new house first! Ahh the adventures of moving. πŸ™‚


While I was moving, the QuiltCon 2016 catalog came out, so I can finally let people know that I am going to be a lecturer at QuiltCon! I’m absolutely thrilled to be a speaker and am excited that I’ll be going to QuiltCon again.

I am giving a lecture entitled “Modern Quilts from Digital Tools” (LE05) which is Thursday at 3pm. I’ll be talking about different computer programsΒ (EQ7, Quilt Canvas, Illustrator, YouPatch, etc) and comparing and contrasting their capabilities. The hope is to help familiarize people with some of the tools available and have a better idea of which tool might be a good fit for their needs. No experience is necessary!

I am also moderating a panel called “Getting & Staying Creative, Keeping the Mojo Burning” (LE09) which is Friday at 12pm. We’re working on getting an awesome set of panelists and we’ll be talking about how to tap into your creativity but also how to deal with burnout and other creative hurdles. I’m really looking forward to what the panelists have to say on the topic and have a fun set of questions to get the panel started.

QuiltCon registration opens June 25th for MQG members, and opens July 1st for the general public. I would love to see some of you there (let’s be honest, every speaker’s fear is that no one will show up! :)) and friendly faces are always welcome!

Even if you can’t make it to my talks, let me know if you are headed to QuiltCon. I’d love to see you there!


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