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QuiltCon – Itajime Shibori with Kim Eichler-Messmer

I was hoping to post a tutorial on those heart blocks this week, but that is definitely not going to happen at this point, my apologies! I’m traveling (again) next week, but when I get back things should be calming down a little. *fingers crossed*

So instead I’m going to give you a quick writeup of the second workshop I took at QuiltCon, Creating Patterns on Cloth with Dye – Itajime Shibori with Kim Eichler-Messmer. Yep, I took two workshops with the same instructor. Thank goodness she’s fantastic!


This workshop was much less structured than the dyeing workshop I took the day before. Instead we were given basic instructions on dyeing, folding, and discharging (bleaching) along with lots of different clamps and acrylic forms to act as resists and then sent to play.

And play we did!


To do this type of dyeing requires making a lot more dye, so we chose 4 colors at our table and we all used the same four colors. There was enough dye for each of us to make 4 pieces.



I tried different folding techniques…



and different acrylic shapes…


and using clothespins (my favorite!)


and this one was basically made from the dregs of the dye we had left.


After lunch we moved into discharging and overdyeing (bleaching and dyeing a second color over the first) and we started with colored fabric. This is just discharged color on a piece of Kona cotton (I don’t know what color this is, sorry!) It was also windy and powdered dye was kind of getting everywhere which is what caused the red splortches on this and the next piece.


I also did some discharging on Kona Wasabi, but it didn’t show up much, so I refolded and overdyed it with black. I really like how this design came out, it feels almost construction zone in color and shape.


This is a grey piece that I dyed earlier in the day, discharged and overdyed without refolding so the dye went the same places the bleach had gone.


Overall I really enjoyed the playfulness of the workshop, and really liked some of the patterns that we created. The area we were dyeing was covered in beautiful pieces of fabric by the end of the workshop, and it was amazing to see all the variation!


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