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QuiltCon WrapUp

I got back from Austin super late on Monday, and have been trying to get caught up on everything since then. QuiltCon was an amazing event, and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it!

I didn’t bring my real camera, so most of my pictures are from instagram (I’m anneandkita), but I thought I’d share a few of the highlights.

The tone of the trip was set when I boarded our Southwest flight (sit anywhere, yay!) and I saw someone in the back holding a quilt using Madrona Road. I headed straight there and asked her if she was headed to QuiltCon. She was, and she introduced herself. It was none other than Violet Craft, and next to her were Monica Solorio-Snow (Happy Zombie) and Amber Wilson (who is not a fabric designer but super nice as well!) I think I texted everyone everywhere that “omg I’m sitting next to super stars!”


Jane, Gillian and I volunteered for the first shift on Thursday, the day the show opened. Gillian and I ended up getting to pin the ribbons which we both decided was the best job ever! I also manned the MQG booth and got to white glove for a bit as well. Being surrounded by such amazing quilts (many of which I had seen on various blogs) was truly inspiring!



I took two workshops, the first was Anna Maria Horner‘s workshop on Composing a Quilt. It was really inspirational and hearing her describe her quilts and the process behind them made me appreciate them so much more. I also have a new appreciation for her fabric lines after hearing the design decisions she generally makes with them. I came under prepared (this was the story of my trip really) and so I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished other than some strip quilting. But I now have an idea and a goal for the back of my NuBees quilt. Or the front of a new quilt. I haven’t decided. Amber was our volunteer for the class and it was great getting a chance to chat with her more! Anna Maria gave out some flying geese made using her new linen line, and I snagged this one which I love!



The second workshop I took was Penny Layman‘s Advanced Paper Piecing class, which focused on creating our own paper piecing designs. This was the exact opposite end of the design spectrum from Anna Maria’s class, and I loved it too! I have been a huge fan of Penny’s work forever, and I do love me some paper piecing! Penny was so funny and engaging, and she let Gillian and I talk with her about our ideas for making an online design tool to help create paper piecing patterns. By the workshop, which was on Sunday, I was missing my boyfriend and our pets pretty badly, so on a lark I said I would make a paper piecing pattern of Mishka. Penny didn’t try to dissuade me so I went for it! I didn’t get terribly far (because I came under prepared and didn’t have enough fabrics) but I have plans to re-do the pattern on the computer and do it for real.


I went to some evening events as well. Alyssa at Pile O’ Fabric put on a great event which involved a pincushion swap, a guess the fabric game and a guess the Kona game. I was elated that my pincushion I got was the cathedral window style (same as the one I made) because I really wanted one for myself! I also won the guess the fabric game and won a small mini-charm pack!

I met so many wonderful people that I’d only known online! I’ve been meeting people from online for ages (one of the side effects of being a life-long geek) and it still never fails to amaze me how quickly you can feel comfortable with someone you’ve just met in person. So many great new friends! Sorry for all the rib crushing hugs, I was just excited to meet you all!

I am already excited for QuiltCon 2015! I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂


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