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QuiltConWest 2016


Oh, hi! I don’t know about you all, but this year has been pretty non-stop from the get go! I’m getting a bit of breather this weekend before things really start heating up for QuiltCon. I managed to keep my schedule open so I’d be able to actually see the floor and hang out with new and old friends. Are you going?ย I’d love to meet up and hang out! If you see me, please come say hi!

This is what I look like these days, so if you see blue/purple/pink hair, it’s probably me! Come say hi! ๐Ÿ˜€

This year, I’m honored to be speaking at QuiltCon.ย You can find me Thursday at 3pm giving a talk on Modern Quilts from Digital Tools where I’ll be talking about the various software available for designing quilts, their pros and cons, and how to choose which tool is the best fit for you! I am leaving room for Q&A as well, and am looking forward to a good discussion.

I’m also moderating a panel, Friday at noon –ย Getting & Staying Creative, Keeping the Mojo Burning. I’m so excited by the people joining me on the panel! Anna Maria Horner, Jennifer Sampou, andย Elaine Theriault will be there to share their creativity tips, ideas for fighting artist block, and how to balance being true to your own artistic needs while still being able to make a living. There will be plenty of time for audience Q&A with this one, and I think we’ll all end up inspired!

There’s room for loads of people in the talks, so if you’re interested, there’s room for you!

I also have a few quilts that will be hanging at QuiltCon which I’m super excited about, and one of them is something I haven’t shown on the blog yet. But this is already getting a bit long, so perhaps I’ll throw them in their own blog post. I have a bunch of stuff to share that I’ve made in the past few months, and I look forward to sharing it with y’all.


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