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I am back from our guild‘s quilting retreat. Today was the first day I have gotten to use my computer since Friday morning. It was an emotional reunion, which left me questioning my dependency on technology, but that’s a different discussion.


Anyway, the retreat was wonderful, partly because my best friend Gillian, flew from Boston to join Jane and I in our cabin! On Saturday, we stopped sewing at midnight and the three of us stayed up talking in our cabin long enough to watch the time change. But then it didn’t, and I thought my phone was messed up, but it turned out we’d actually talked past the time change and it was NEW 2am, not OLD 2am and I haven’t had a voice since, but it was totally worth it.


At the retreat, I had two goals: finish my urban lattice top, and finish my bento box top, and I finished both!! Thrilled, beyond measure, guys.



Now I need to whip up some backs for these suckers. The bento box will be something simple because I want to make sure I get it to a long-armer in time to get it back for the holiday. The urban lattice may get something a bit more complicated, but we’ll see!

I finished both tops Saturday (in time for voice-removing slumber party style chatter session) and so for Sunday, I decided to face the dragon quilt of doom, as I fondly call the quilt I have worked up for my niece. I want to try thread sketching/doodling/drawing for the quilt but I seriously suckΒ lack skill with free motion quilting.

Last time I tried FMQ, I sewed my quilting foot into my quilting..multiple times. It was a special thing, because everyone I’ve talked to has no idea how I did that, and *I* certainly have no idea how I did that, so I was a bit scared of the whole thing. However, I recently picked up a supreme slider, and holy cow, that made a huge difference! I’m actually thinking I might try FMQ again.


By the end of Sunday, I had started getting the hang of the thread sketching, AND drawn enough dragons that I finally figured out how to draw the face the way I wanted. So double score for the dragon quilt of doom! Now I just need to design the dang thing.

What could possibly go wrong?

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