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Received: Sew Sew Modern 3 Swap

So, I’m totally one of those people that is in her late 30s, and has no kids, but three pets who might-as-well-be kids. I know it’s absolutely eyeroll-inducing to my child-bearing friends when I pull out my phone to share photos of MY babies, but I swear, I can’t help it. They each have their own instagram hashtag, so it’s easy to find the pictures.

True story, I’m trying to find a baby/moby wrap so I have both hands free while carrying my cat around. Yah, it’s come to this, my friends. My dog has her own tumblr page. I’m so far past the edge that my mom has completely given up and just started referring to my pets as the grandkids, and my best friend doesn’t even try to couch it in niceties anymore and just calls me the crazy cat lady.


I tell you this partially because my mom could use your words of support for being jilted out of getting real grandkids from her only daughter so far, but also because I want to give you some background on why my Sew Sew Modern 3Β Β swap package meant so much to me. The person who got my name was Jackie (chloeandme) who I actually had for the first round of this swap, which was a fun coincidence. She wrote “I wanted to do something based on your love of your pets.” Understatement coming and going on that one.

Jackie is an incredibly gifted machine doodler (is that the right term?) and she went over the top with this package. The swap instructions are for one large and one coordinating small item just to give you perspective.


When I started opening the box, Eli’s cat Tally (AKA “old man crankypants”, “li’l something-I-won’t-print-here”) came rushing over and shoved his face in the box. I’ve been watching Sherlock, and I used my newfound keen powers of deduction and said to Eli, “I think there might be something with catnip in here.”


That’s when my cat, Kita (AKA “Bean”, “NutBar”, “Get the hell of the table, lettuce is for humans p.s. you’re a cat not a rabbit”) rushed over and they managed to unearth the cat toy buried inside. Now that they were occupied, I was able to unearth the plethora of goodies inside the box.


One gorgeous fabric bucket (I call this photo “dream vs. reality”) , two pouches, a pincushion, a hand knit cowl, a bunch of gorgeous scraps, a cat toy and a bag of dog treats later, I finally came to the end of the box.


Which Tally was happy to enjoy.


Sadly, it was during Mishka’s (AKA “Moose”, “Boo”, “You’re not a lapdog, please stop trying”) daily 20-hour nap, so she couldn’t properly show her enthusiasm for the beautiful gifts.


Eli summed up the whole experience (and trust me, it was a full-on 20-minute experience opening this box) quite well. “I think you need to make a bit more for your swap partner.”




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