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Resources for the New Entrepreneur

In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious, we’re totally new to this startup business. 🙂 So when we first decided we were going to do this startup thing, we immediately dove into heavy research. Just what does it mean to start a business, anyways?

We aren’t able to share any first-hand experiences yet! But we did discover a treasure trove of resources online that we’ve found super-helpful.

My favorite blogs about startups are from VC perspectives, which is a bit odd perhaps since we aren’t necessarily planning on taking any VC investment. But the advice offered here is solid:

A VC: Fred Wilson is a VC in New York. So many of his posts are really helpful to anyone building up a business. he specializes in online, social, and mobile web technologies.

Both Sides of the Table: Mark Suster is an entrepreneur-turned-VC based in LA. Really smart and copiously generous amounts of advice. He has a sales background which is also a great perspective.

CDixon: Chris Dixon blogs a little less frequently and doesn’t really focus on advice for entrepreneurs, but his blog is a great read, with thoughtful, sometimes provocative posts.

Women 2.0 is also a good resource for articles; I especially appreciate the founder profiles — we can all use some inspiration from role models! They also host events for female founders.

Happy Friday!



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