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Rock Candy Block


Cloud 9 Fabrics has a new set of yarn-dyed colors that they’ve released called Cirrus Solids. I’m kind of a huge sucker for cross weaves and shot cottons so when they announced they were doing a block of the month challenge (which you can still enter, by the way!), I added it to my list of things I wanted to try. I finally got some time to enter earlier this year, and my design was selected as the June block of the month! (Like I said last week, I’m a bit behind on sharing this stuff, sorry!) You can get the free pattern here.


I called the block Rock Candy because it kind of reminded me of making rock candy as a kid where the sugar crystals are starting to form on the string. Adding to my list of “reasons I shouldn’t be in charge of naming things“, if I’d done any research at all I would have seen that there’s already a lot of other Rock Candy patterns out there. Oops! My apologies to the other designers.


The pattern was designed to look quite different depending on how you tiled it, which was a really fun constraint to design around. It’s a pretty simple block (three HSTs and some squares) but I think it creates some interesting variations! (Also of note: look! NO CURVES! Haha.)



Winning meant that I got a fat quarter bundle of all their Cirrus Solids which I’ve been hoarding but have not been able to bring myself to cut into. I seem to have a real issue with that.

Do any of you have tricks for cutting into your stash treasures?


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