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Secret Sewing

I know, I know, I’m really leaving for my trip, but I had to sneak in this post because Heather Ross has just announced the re-release of Far Far Away in quilting cottons, coming in July.


Which means I can also tell you about a little secret sewing I did last month! Heather sent me some fabric and a hand-drawn plan of what she wanted, and I got to work creating the blue nap/play mat shown in the photos above. (Also could Heather’s daughter be any cuter??)


The embroidered details are my favorite, but there are other fun touches like one of the stacks of mattresses is actually a pocket – sized to fit a favorite doll or stuffie. (I sized it on the sample to fit an American Girl doll.)


The whole thing folds up into thirds and can be tied using the built-in ties. It was a super fun project, and I learned quite a lot doing it. And I’m glad that I can finally share it with you!

For more information on the fabric release and the collector’s edition which includes a pattern for the mat, check out Heather’s post!

(None of these photos are mine, but they’re all used with permission from Heather Ross.)


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