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Sew Sew Modern 4 – Received

I shared a bit ago what I sent in the Sew, Sew, Modern 4 swap, but I wanted to show off what I got in exchange!


 The person who had me as their partner was Kristan @ doodledodesigns. She sent me this lovely set of goodies!

Photo by Kristan @ doodledodesigns.

I’m not a very accomplished bag maker, so I’ve been eyeing all those gorgeous aeroplane bags, but haven’t gotten up the courage to make one of my own. Kristan very kindly provided me with an out, making me this rainbow of low volumes version! (Picture by Kristan.) She was also sweet enough to scotch guard it, since with all those light fabrics, getting dirty might have been an issue!


She also included a cute little matching pouch for my Kindle Touch, which is already coming in handy. I think the kindle might be sad, given how long it’d had to hang out with all that dust, I’m sure they were fast friends by now.


And she was sweet enough to include goodies for the cats and the dog, as well!


Kita immediately stole one of the toys and hid it who knows where. She brings it out every night at around 3am though, because it makes shaking noises when she plays with it, and that’s always fun at 3am. Mishka is working her way through the treats (food motivated dog is motivated by food.) And she likes using her pink buddy as a pillow. 🙂


Oh! And the bag is lined in navy. Which you all probably know by now that I adore. 😀 I got to use my awesome aeroplane bag for my trip to the Diamond Wedding Ring workshop, and I love it! And you can be sure I didn’t forget THIS bag!


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