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Sewing Summit

Hi y’all!

How to make a room uncomfortable – tell them they have to take a selfie! From Olivia Omega‘s Personal Branding class.

I’m back from Sewing Summit, and I brought home a little something extra in the form of a cold. I’ve got serious fuzzy head syndrome which is making it difficult to even process all the things that happened at Sewing Summit.

Shop Hop haul. I can’t help but make rainbows!

Thinking about my own recent travels did make me wonder about you guys, though! Have any of you gone to Sewing Summit or some other sewing-related gathering? If so, what was your favorite gathering and favorite part? And if you haven’t gone to any, what’s kept you from going?

pj pants
Me and Katy modeling our hybrid pj pants, made in Ellen March’s PJ Pants class.

Lemme know, I’m curious where and how I can meet more of you!


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