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Sketchbook Dump

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I won a bundle of Cirrus Solids by Cloud 9 and that I was having trouble cutting into it. I asked for some advice and got some much needed tough love to get me motivated to use the fabric!


So I sat down and started playing with some designs. These are all just sketches and I don’t think I’m done with the sketching stage yet. Right now, all the designs use just the Cirrus Solids, and I often like to mix my yarn dyes/cross-weaves/shot cottons with regular solids as it’s a nice way to highlight their texture and depth. So I’ll likely do a set of sketches bringing some solids into the mix to see where it ends up.







Currently, the last two are my favorites I think.

And yep, still playing with curves. I’m apparently not done with them yet! Overall this turned out to be an interesting design challenge. QDAD has gotten me very used to working with a much more limited palette, and I found myself struggling to use so many colors. Definitely a sign to get more practice!


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