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Stash Shopping

My dear friend, Katy @ Lethargic Lass sent me a palette she made with palette builder, and asked me if I could help her by picking fabrics to go with it. She doesn’t really care for that part, and I’d be happy just pulling fabric stacks all day if I could, so that seems like a pretty good deal to me!



She mentioned that the photo was taken at night, so I did some color correction and came up with this fabric palette, which I think will be really fun, and go with her original fabric quite well.


Once I had the fabrics out, I decided to play around a bit with some other supporting colors. The fabric she started with uses chocolate brown. Chocolate brown has a strong orange undertone to it, which means it blends well with all those autumn colors, and it’s complement is blue, so it contrasts nicely with that. In this stack, you might notice that the blues and greens pop more, while the warm tones blend in more with the brown.


By changing from brown to navy (you know I had to!) we have the opposite effect. Now the blues and greens are closer to the navy, while the warm tones are the complement, so they have a stronger contrast and therefore stand out more.


And finally, using low volumes, they really take a back seat and let the colors do the talking. The navy and brown are closer in value (light/dark) and saturation (amount of color) to the rest of the palette, so they interact more with the palette and feel more of a part of it. With the low volumes, they provide texture but are high value (light) and low saturation (little color), and take a more supportive role rather than interactive one.

That got a bit more babbly than originally intended, but I love chatting about color!

Which stack would you pick?


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