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Storage Update and February Recap

What a boring sounding title. However! For my birthday back in January, Eli took me to IKEA to figure out some sort of storage solution for my craft supplies and fabric. After spending something like 7 hours there, I came out with three BESTÅ cabinets and doors and drawers. This led to weekends of cleaning out our storage room to make space for them. Right before I left for QuiltCon I made enough room to at least get the boxes out of the van. (I know, I know!)

I seem to need some downtime after events and retreats to process everything, as I tend to feel creatively spent. It’s a little scary, because I worry on some level that it won’t end. Fortunately, I seem to be getting back up to speed and I’ve started sewing again this weekend! Phew! However, while I had that downtime I decided to focus on getting the shelving unit put together.


I still need to add the knobs and one more shelf, but the major work is done, and I am so happy with it! I told Eli that I didn’t have enough stuff to fill it, and he told me he had faith in me. 😉 First thing in there was my Heather Ross signed Janome since I don’t have a cover for it and it kept getting dusty. We have a dust problem here near the beach which is why I wanted the doors. I can’t wait to get this filled with all my fabric and have all that lovely color to inspire me!! Then at some point we need to finish the other renovations to the room (painting/flooring/lighting) but at least things will be neater and easier to get around.


Also, my calendar informs me that it’s March now (seriously?!?) and between the Heather Ross workshop, QuiltCon, and the aforementioned post-event creative lull, I don’t have a ton to show for it. I didn’t even make my Lovely Year of Finishes goal for February, but I knew that was a strong possibility.


1. Mishka paper-pieced design, 2. pincushion, 3. name tag, 4. name tag back, 5. modern medallion quilt, 6. F+F swap block #1, 7. F+F swap block #2, 8. dragonflies by Heather Ross, 9. janome back

But now it’s March and it’s the beginning of spring and I’m ready for some great things! Bring it on!


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