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If you’re looking for the Constellations FQ bundle giveaway, that’s here! The giveaway ends tomorrow evening!

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes! It was a really awesome weekend, but I ended up not having much time for sewing. (I know you’re asking, “but then how awesome could it really have been, then?!”) There was chocolate banana cake though, which was pretty spectacular.

On Saturday, my partner asked if I’d like to go to IKEA for my birthday. He’d promised me a trip there for my Christmas present, so it seemed like a great time to go. My main goal: storage for my fabric. Right now my storage solution involves some plastic bins and piles of fabric everywhere. Not that great for finding stuff.

I went in thinking I knew what I wanted, but when we got there, that particular system didn’t seem very sturdy. I had pretty specific needs (glass doors, sturdy feeling, adjustable shelves, etc.) so after wandering the storage section forever for a while, I finally decided on the BESTÅ system. I need to clean out our storage room to be able to set it up, but when it’s done it will look roughly like this:


Also to prepare, I have started putting my fabric onto mini-bolts, using the tutorial available from Smashed Peas and Carrots. This is not a fast process, so I’m trying to just do some every night. It will take…a while. As you can see in the picture, I’m labeling my solids if I happen to know what they are. I label them in the selvage area with a fabric pen.


For those interested, I got my comic book boards from our local comic store, Comicopolis. It’s ~$9 for 100 boards there, which is cheaper than it is online. Plus they’re super nice. 🙂 And have a great selection of comics, but I digress!

I’m trying to finish up the hand sewing of my rainbow hexies, and should have it done tonight. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some actual sewing progress to show!


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