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The Macaron Quilt Top

This weekend I was able to cobble together enough time to sew and finish my Macaron Quilt Top.


I know these don’t look like macarons, they’re not really supposed to. The design was created as a Quilt Design A Day sketch. In QDAD, we generally start with a design-seeds image for our designs, and for that particular day, my sketch was inspired by an image of some macarons.

QDAD for 3-21

I like to do a fair deal of abstraction, so while they don’t really look like macarons, I call it the Macaron Quilt because that’s what inspired the design.


Confusing. I know. Add to that my insistence on using the French word macaron instead of the American word macaroon (to distinguish between the french pastry and the coconut haystack like thing) and this is the most confusingly titled quilt I’ve made so far.


The “filling” of each “macaron” is made with Oakshotts, and these photos really don’t capture the depth of the colors. This pattern was perfect for using them though. The filling is made with such small strips of fabric, that I was able to convince myself to cut into my precious Oakshott stash. Anything bigger, and I’d have balked at using My Precious!


This is a fairly simple pattern and I was considering writing it up as a tutorial or series of tutorials. And then I thought, would anyone be interested in a QAL? There’s some room for playing around with color placement, so I think there could be some fun variations. I wouldn’t have time to do this until late May or June.  Thoughts?

Linking up to Lee @ Freshly Pieced and her WIP Wednesday party.


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