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I’ve been sewing and some of it I can even show you guys but I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to photograph it with the real camera. Total blogger fail there!

So instead, I will chat with you about other things. Namely, Play Crafts tools and what’s going on with them lately.


You are probably familiar with Palette Builder at this point. But just in case…Β it’s a tool that will take any photo and create a palette from it. You can move the little circles around and modify the palette to your liking. It also will match your palette to Aurifil thread, Kona Cotton or hex codes.


I spent some time over the last couple of days going through and fine tuning the Kona matches. There were some colors that were not as accurate as I would like, and now they are. Please note that due to monitor variation, dye lots and photography, there’s no way to be 100% accurate. But it’s as good as I can get it. I do use the official Kona photos, and some companies do not, so you may see quite a wide variation when browsing various stores.


I also have been doing a lot of design work in Illustrator lately (see: QDAD) and I was frustrated trying to get solid matches. I have used the Kona swatches by Alyssa @ Pile O’ Fabrics for a while, but I went ahead and made swatch files for every other brand of solids I could think of. That includes: American Made Solids, Art Gallery Pure Elements, Free Spirit Solids, Michael Miller Cotton Coutures, and Moda Bella Solids. Is there one missing? Let me know and I’ll make it. These have the same caveat as listed above.


Finally, I took all the crazy projects I’ve been working on and put them together on one page. You might notice (but probably not) that the menu over at Play Crafts no longer links to Palette Builder directly, but to the Tools page. You’ll find the links to all the tools as well as the swatch download files there.

In other news, next week we’re announcing the details of the Pantone Quilt Challenge! I know Marsala is not the easiest color to work with, but I hope you all will give it a chance. It’s called a challenge for a reason, after all! πŸ˜€


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