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Updates! We’re in the Paper and, We’re Super Busy!

So there are three huge deadlines this month that have pretty much taken away our blogging/crafting time, which is why there isn’t a Motivational Monday post today. Sorry! But We’ve got two dissertations due (good luck Anne and Gillian!) and the Monterey Bay Regional Business Plan Competition this Friday! We’re going to present Play Crafts to a panel of local business investors. We created a business plan and I’m practicing a 10-minute talk on why we deserve to win! I’m excited, because even if we don’t win, it’s been a great learning opportunity and it’s always really useful to present your ideas and get feedback on them.

We’re also in the paper this morning! I love that the headline is that we’re targeting 15 million quilters. 🙂 Um, not all at once, obviously!

Thanks for understanding, and we’ll see you next week with our regularly scheduled content!

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