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Urban Lattice Progress

The guild retreat is THIS weekend, and I am trying to get prepped so that I can maximize what I get done there. My bento box squares are good to go, and now I’m focusing on getting the urban lattice blocks ready.


I finished four of the blocks, just to make sure it was going to come together how I hoped. And I think it is!


So now I’m production-lining them. It goes much faster when I don’t have to get up and use the iron after every seam, but rather sew the same part on each block, and press all the blocks in a batch. I also pre-cut everything and pre-matched what would go in each block. Not that it’s overly planned, but I was looking to avoid repeats. It means there’s no thinking, just sew, sew, sew. Prep work took a long time, but the blocks are flying together now! I should easily have all 30 blocks done by this weekend.


In other news, I’ve back at the computer quite a bit lately. This is a typical shot of my work environment. Not terribly ergonomic, and rather fur-covered (I hear that’s fashionable anyway), but it’s full of warm and happy.


I’m working on a new pixel crafting tool, which should hopefully make it easy to load up images and get pixel quilt ideas and fabric calculations. And possibly cross-stitch, knitting, and perler bead creation help as well. The new season of Sherlock was FINALLY announced, and I couldn’t help but create this pixel quilt while testing out the app. It still has a ways to go before it’ll be available (right now it is really and truly rough around the edges), but I wanted to let you know what was coming up next!

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