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Weekend Progress

Monday already! How does that happen so quickly? I did manage to make progress on my projects this weekend, though.


I wanted to spend most of yesterday sewing, but ended up doing a lot of chores. I did finally get a new phone, though! Mine has been getting considerably slower, and it would often crash when I’d use the camera…And now that I’m on instagram, that was one of the main things I used the phone for! (If you want to find me on instagram, I am anneandkita but be forewarned, I mostly post pictures of my animals. I’m one of THOSE people.) I’ve known what phone I wanted for ages, but haven’t wanted to deal with the Verizon store. We were in Costco and they had my phone and well, 10 minutes later, I have my new Samsung Galaxy S3! So far I love it!

Anyway, sewing. Sorry. My crane star pillow front is done!! It is a whopping 24″ square, and while there are mistakes in there, I’m overall delighted with the way it came out. As I was telling Gillian, this is the most “on-trend” thing I have ever sewn. Paper-piecing, check. Rainbow, check. Low volume + texty background. check. Black text border, check. Hexagon, check. All on linen, check!

Now I need to figure out how to quilt it. I’d love to do some handstitching, but I’ve never done handstitching and I am kinda terrified of destroying it. What are your thoughts? Go for handstitching? Echo quilt? Something else? I could use help!


The other project I’m working on is my Madrona Road challenge quilt. I am feeling like it’s a bit beyond my abilities to make this quilt what it deserves, but I am trucking through anyway. I think I might have been happier if I’d made the curves and appliquéd them instead of piecing them, but I have no idea how to do that with something this large. Anyway, two more sections to go and this top will be done, too! Hopefully tonight.


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