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Weekend Warrior

I’ve continued with my project ADD, making little bits of progress on multiple things.

I’ve finished my Sew Sew Modern 4 swap items and mailed them out, so I should be able to share them with you next week. I’m pretty flippin’ excited for my partner to receive their items!


I started sewing together the blocks for my woven chevron quilt. It turns out that having a design wall that’s too small so you just shove the middle bits in there ends up with sewing mistakes like this here. Instead of weaving around each other, they seem to have formed a knot in the lower right corner with the architextures print. I need to sit down and sort out what needs to be ripped and re-sewn. It’s sort of akin to untangling embroidery floss or yarn, but more in my head than physical, and my brain balks every time I think about it. Β Note to self: Get a bigger design wall.


I also started my Woodland Sampler cross-stitch now that my linen arrived. Isn’t it cute?!?! Haha. I started this, made the top border of the frame and was so proud I’d totally remembered my cross-stitch techniques. Then went to work on the left border and realized I’d made my top border 20 stitches too short. Ahhh yes. I totally remember cross-stitch now!


I have one of my hands in a brace because of tendonitis which is slowing everything down (including my typing! Sorry for the slow email responses. Well, slower than usual.) but I’m starting to get back up to speed. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some real progress on the woven chevron quilt this weekend! Unless of course some other shiny comes along.



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