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Weekend Warrior

Phew, that was quite the weekend! My BFF Gillian is visiting the west coast from Boston, and so my weekend was full of visiting old haunts and seeing friends. I did however, start making progress on my Handstitched class quilt again. I have one more round to do, and then it will be time for the hand quilting.


The dogwood blossom appliqué was probably my favorite step of this project so far. I really am a big fan of blanket stitch now!


Gillian brought her version of the class quilt to work on while she was visiting. We both picked the same central fabric (not on purpose, it just happened!) but went very different directions with it. She is a busy professor so doesn’t have as much time to work on hers as I do, but I love how colorful hers is turning out to be! I snapped a comparison shot as I thought it was fun to see them side by side.


Not as much done as I would have liked, but it was worth it to see so many people and getting a chance to pet baby goats and enjoy fresh goat cheese!



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