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WIP: Games are for Everyone Quilt

Next week, approximately 25,000 game developers and game industry professionals will be in San Francisco for the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC). I have attended a few times, but this year I’ll be there in a slightly different capacity.


Last year, Andreas Zecher and Cory Schmitz created an open-source graphic for gamers and devs to use as their avatar and in their games to show support for the Games are for Everyone movement. The statement is simple:

We want games to be a space where everyone feels welcome.
We think critical thinking in games should be applauded.
We want to play all kinds of games, made by all kinds of people.
We think games are for everyone.


Given some of the ugly going on in the games space the last 6 months or so, this is something I feel pretty passionately about. I reached out to Andreas and Cory and got permission to use their graphic as the basis of a quilt block. And then I talked to the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) about a crazy idea I had, and they said they would be happy to help.


So come next week at GDC at the IGDA booth, there will be a stack of heart blocks available for people to sign to show their support for the Games are forΒ Everyone movement. I’ll collect the blocks after the show and turn them into a quilt by appliquΓ©ing them. Or quilts if there’s enough blocks. They’ll be available for display as a show of group support and welcome to all gamers.


I meant to get this out there much sooner in case others wanted to help, but I’d love to continue this project for other gaming events. I’m not sure how many gamer quilters there are out there, but if you’re interested in helping or have ideas for good uses of the finished quilts, please let me know.

[Edit to add]: I was asked what kind of help I’d like. I have local help to get me through GDC, but I would love to make blocks available at other gaming events. So help creating the blocks would be great! Also, I’d love some quilting help if that’s possible.Β And if you have ideas of where these quilts could be displayed or used, I’d love to hear them.


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