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WIP Wednesday

I feel like I’ve been sewing an awful lot the last 2 weeks, but I don’t seem to have a lot to show for it!

In fact, it seems that the last two weeks have consisted entirely of making drawstring bags and working on my NuBees blocks for August.

I did work on a block for the 3×6 bee, but it turned out to be pretty fail-tastic. Turns out taking a 19″ paper pieced block and reducing it to 12.5″ gets you a bulky mess. Or maybe I just don’t have good enough paper piecing skills yet. On top of that, I somehow got the ink from the paper onto my iron, which smudged all over the block I was working on, so it was a huge letdown all around. You can kind of see the smudge in the picture below, near the head of the crane. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Smudgy paper piecing


The NuBees blocks went much smoother. Someone requested the broken herringbone block (tutorial here), which saved me a lot of work in deciding which block to do (the hardest part for me!) and so they got done and shipped out early.

purple and tangerine with grey
Aqua, red, and white on white
Pinks and oranges on grey
Eggplant purple and mustard on grey

The drawstring bags I made for some friends of mine. We’re playing a game that requires a lot of dice, so I wanted to make them each a bag for their dice. There are two I’ve made that I don’t have pictures of, but here are three of them. I used the drawstring bag pattern from In Color Order with some minor modifications. I love the pattern! It comes together so quickly and looks so sharp. Those gusseted corners just make me happy!


Finally, I’ve received enough blocks from NuBees in my color scheme, that I can put together my lap quilt! The colors I’ve used for the last 3 months are aqua, lime and yellow on white. These are the blocks laid out (I have two more coming).

NuBees May-August

Not all the blocks are facing the correct direction because I had to hurry to take the picture before the dog walked across it. As it was, there are a few outtakes with a cat wandering across the blocks!

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