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WIP Wednesday

I feel like I’ve been paper-piecing non-stop for the past week! Good news, I’m working through a lot of my scraps.

Making progress on using some of my scraps!

Here’s a quick rundown.


3×6 paper-piecing hive – I’ve finished two hexagons for my hivemates, and have started a third one before I hit a bit of paper-piecing burnout. They’re due mid-October, but I’m worried once school starts I’m going to be too busy so I’d like to get them done in the next two weeks. I’m loving how versatile the pattern by Shape Moth is, it seems to work with every color way I throw at it! The one on charcoal reminds me of stained glass.

Blue, aqua, and grey on white
Plum, fuchsia, mustard on charcoal

NuBees – The other bee I’m in, this one is only a month long, which goes super fast. I sat down and doodled some block ideas, and the first thing I came up with ended with me designing a paper-piecing template for it. I finished 1/3 of it and ran full speed into the paper-piecing burnout. Given the quick turnaround required, I didn’t think there was any way I could get them done in time. πŸ™ But I do want to try it for a longer bee at some point! I goofed around in photoshop to get an idea of what it will look like when the block is finished, although the fabrics would be used in different areas.

One third of this block is done, I used photoshop to visualize what the full block would look like

After deciding that paper-piecing wasn’t going to work, I decided to try a block using the seminole style of patchwork, largely influenced by this pillow by Lu Summers. Please forgive the photo, I took it late at night.

Shattered chevron

There are some things I want to change for the version I make for my hivemates, but I’m happy with where it’s headed!

No Progress:

Same as last week, really.
Wedding Quilt for April – 1/4 of the pieces are cut out.
Dissertation Quilt – 3 of 30 blocks done.
Nyan Cat Quilt – still in planning stage.

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