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WIP Wednesday


Tonight was my local quilt guild meeting, South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. We’re fairly new, and we started our first swap 2 months ago, where we put some scraps into a bag, and randomly picked someone else’s bag of scraps. Our challenge was to make a pillow cover for that person. I got Pam Rocco who is a bit of a celebrity in our area, and her scraps were wild and crazy! She does a lot of improv and her specialty is mixing prints in ways I never would think to try, so I had fun trying to channel her spirit for quilting. I made a two-sided pillow cover, and one side I did crazy prints, and the other side I did solids with just a few prints mixed in. I really like the way the solid side turned out, even though these are not colors I would normally deal with.

Pillow I made for Pam

I really want to do more solid improv work, now! It’s really fun. :O Also, this has the best invisible zipper I’ve ever done. I was really proud of myself for that one. πŸ™‚

Funny enough, Pam also chose me! We were the only duo that got paired up. πŸ™‚ Pam made my pillow by making one long piece of herringbone pieced fabric, then sewing it like an envelope! So it continues around the top and the bottom, it’s so cool! I absolutely LOVE it. The fabrics are well, they’re mine so of course I love them, but I love herringbone stuff so much, and the stripe down the center just really makes it. πŸ˜€

Pillow that Pam made me! <3

Also, Karen at capitola quilter ran the swap, and she did a giveaway at the end for the Fresh Fabric Treats Moda book, and Pam and I won! So overall, a great night! Hopefully we will do another swap soon, I had a blast with this one. πŸ˜€ Everyone made such beautiful pillow covers!

Β Progress:

Now that NuBees is done for the month, I’m focusing on getting my 3×6 blocks done which are due on the 15th of this month. I should have the last two finished this weekend, and then I’ll be done with bee blocks for the year, and I can focus on quilts! I’m still loving this pattern. No matter what colors I throw at it, it really shines! The pattern is the “Snow Cristal” pattern by Shape Moth.

“Surprise me” colors
Teal/turquoise and orange/tangerine

Here are the four that I have done so far together. After seeing them together, I’m convinced I need to make a hexagon quilt out of these. But in order to not go crazy, I have a plan to do one or two a month, and perhaps do colors based on the month or my mood or something else, so at the end of the year I have something of a journal quilt.

Paper-pieced hexagons


No Progress:

Wedding Quilt for April – 1/4 of the pieces are cut out.
Dissertation Quilt – 3 of 30 blocks done.
Nyan Cat Quilt – still in planning stage.
Mod Pop Quilt – got my small rotary blade, so I can start cutting more pieces.

Looking back at September:

I felt like I hadn’t gotten much done this last month, but I made a mosaic of all the pieces, and really I got quite a lot done, it was just mostly quilt block form! In fact, other than one quilt top (made up of swap blocks) and one pillow cover, the rest were blocks. πŸ™‚

September finishes

1. anne side, 2. for frustratedquilter, 3. for kimizaki, 4. navy on grey
5. for runs w/scissors, 6. for gillian, 7. shattered chevron for laura vanvleet, 8. shattered chevron for allipage
9. for mariposafae, 10. for oneygirl, 11. SBAMQG Sew Day, 12. nubees test block
13. 3×6 hive H, 14. 3×6 hex – Hive H, 15. Snow & White – blue & purple, 16. charcoal – blue & purple

Hopefully October will be equally productive… Christmas is coming fast!

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