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WIP Wednesday

Last week I mentioned that I foresaw a lot of cutting in my future. I was not wrong!

In Progress

she can quilt

Mod Pop quiltย – I’ve been enjoying doing the Mod Pop QAL. I now have one whole chain done! These come together so fast, I decided to go ahead and make the twin sized pattern. Which turns out is really tall. I’m realizing that this is the biggest quilt I’ll have made to date. It’s too big for my usual photography spot, even! I figured out a solution though. ๐Ÿ™‚

1 chain done!

Two more chains and some edges to do. I can’t wait to see the rest of this top come together!

Nyan Cat Quilt – I’m so happy I finally have made progress on this! This quilt is based on the nyan cat video and is a Christmas gift for one of the profs that was on my dissertation committee. He loved everything to do with nyan cat, and I know he’s going to find this hilarious. In fact, I keep giggling while working on this project because it’s justย that ridiculous.

I’m using the postage stamp tutorial that Elizabeth Hartman created, and it is brilliant. It uses fusible interfacing to keep all the pieces together and lined up perfectly. I’m a bit more on the lazy side, so I’m not pressing a crease in each row/column, I just fold and sew. Hopefully that doesn’t bite me in the butt.

To do this project, I needed a bigger pressing area, so I made myself a pressing board! I had used a sawzall, orbital sander, and staple gun before lunch on Saturday, and after a quick run to the LQS to get the pretty chevron home dec fabric to cover it, it was finished super fast.

First block layout.

For the pattern, I’m using this cross-stitch patternย as my layout guide. Each square of fabric is 1.5″ unfinished (1″ finished) and those are actually super fast to cut out.

The box on the table is what we call the “cat trap.” We were having a problem with the cats walking across the table when we were playing board games (they like to be the center of attention) and they would knock over pieces. We put down the box, and they’d go straight for it, lay down, and fall asleep. Woo hoo! No more cat traffic! I suppose we could teach the cats to not get on the table, but an empty box seemed easier. The traps work great for keeping the cats off the fabric, as well.

Second block layout

You’ll see that neither cat is immune to the cat trap! (In fact, the box is on the floor right now, and currently occupied. I am never spending money on cat beds again.)

Blocks 1 & 2

I am really enjoying this process, it’s really relaxing to lay out all the squares. Of course when I worked on this block I realized that my grid was 13 x 14, not the square I had expected. Oops! I just modified my block overlay on the computer to work with that, easy enough. I sewed the first block and I’m loving how this is coming together! (And still giggling.)

Cat shrinkage!

April & Kerry’s Wedding Quiltย – I don’t have a picture, but I’ve been working on cutting out pieces for this. They want a traditional log cabin design which requires a bajillion pieces to be cut, and they requested batiks in white, black and red. It turns out batiks are hard to find in white. Who knew? I have had the red pieces cut out for a while, but I started cutting the white pieces this week. Still loads more cutting to do.

Sew Sew Modern Swap –ย I have a vague look of what I want in my head, and have been playing around with ideas and fabric. I might be making a return to paper piecing. My partner has been really quiet on the threads, so I’m having trouble knowing what they want. This is my first swap, should I just be patient and hope that my partner speaks up, or is there something I can do? It’s not due for a while, so I figure patience is the right tact at the moment, but I am itching to go!

No Progress

Dissertation Quilt: Still sitting at 3/30 blocks done.
Christmas Quilt: Probably won’t get to this until the guild retreat.

Wow, I only have 6 projects going right now!! I think that’s a new low. Obviously I should throw something else into the mix.

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