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WIP Wednesday

I learned a lot this week! I tried two new things, and two old things which I messed up thereby letting me learn by my mistakes. 😉


Send Me A Text 10″ Charm Swap: I joined the Send Me A Text 10″ charm swap…all three groups. There were 40 people in each group which meant that there were a lot of charms. So I learned how to ship a whole ton of fabric in one mailer! Someone in the flickr group posted this, and it totally works.

First, you take each stack of fabric and roll it up, wrapping the roll in saran wrap (because there is no longer room for ziploc bags). I labeled each roll with a post-it so the swap mama would know which roll went with which group. Then just to be safe, I saran wrapped all three rolls together.

Once they are all wrapped up nicely, they will fit into the standard padded envelope. For the return envelope, fold it in thirds and insert into the tiny bit of space left. Tape the crap out of the package to make sure it doesn’t rip open. It will be very full!

Ta da! Send it off and wait [im]patiently for your 120 text charms to come back to you! 😀 I’ll be sure to post pictures of that particular haul.

In Progress

Travelling Pic Stitch Blog Hop Quokka Quilts is hosting the Travelling Pic Stitch Blog Hop, a blog hop where people create palettes from travel pictures, and then make EPP projects based on those palettes. A number of people are using our palette builder, which makes me super happy, and I’ve gotten wonderful feedback on the tool. Thank you everyone! As a reminder, please feel free to add your palettes to the Play Crafts flickr group, we love seeing them!

Well, there was no way I was going to pass this up, so I grabbed some of my photos from near where I live in California and made up some palettes.

At first I was going to use the picture on the top right of the parasurfers, and when I did my first hexies, I started with the chocolate brown color. However, I later decided to go with the golden gate bridge picture, so I went with navy hexies the next time I worked on the project. I’ve never done EPP before, so I just started making hexies. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’m loving it!

Nyan Cat Quilt: Now we move on to the things I messed up. I finished the top row of my Nyan cat quilt, and was super pleased with it…until I joined it to the middle row. I tried lining things up and ended up with a wrinkled mess. I’m not sure how to fix this without redoing bits of the middle row. I might try ripping the seam and not worrying so much about things lining up other than at color boundaries and see if that improves it. Any thoughts?

Sew Sew Modern Swap: 
Also in the “learning by making mistakes” category, I worked on making one of the cranes for my partner’s pillow for the Sew Sew Modern Swap. I am using the Crane Star pattern by Patchwork Pottery. For this particular project, I’ve learned a bit more about working with this pattern (and how to appropriately line things up!) as well as learning that when using low volume fabrics and text fabrics for the background and when dealing with small areas of paper piecing, it’s a good idea to use a focal fabric that doesn’t have a lot of white in it. Also, to be more mindful of where the neutrals are falling so it doesn’t end up with a blob of text (admittedly, this probably would have been fine when put together with the rest of the project, but it’s still something I want to be aware of.)

No Progress

Mod Pop Quilt: Needed a break from this one. A little over half way done!
April & Kerry’s Quilt: Seriously, I suck. I need to cut out pieces so I can make some progress on this.
Dissertation Quilt: Someday I will get back to this.
NuBees Quilt: Front done, back needs to be made. Might be a good project for the guild retreat.

Linking up to Lee’s WIP Wednesday link party that she hosts at Freshly Pieced.

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