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WIP Wednesday

I’m back from Oregon!! The drive was long, but the trip was lovely! We stopped in Eugene on the way back at this great modern quilt shop, Piece By Piece, where I did my best to support Small Business Sunday. Single-handedly. In other news, I need bigger fabric storage!


Christmas Quilt – Probably the biggest news (for me anyway) is my finish! I finally finished the quilt I’ve been calling “The Christmas Quilt” in previous WIP posts because it was a Christmas gift for my mom! She reads this blog (hi mom!) so I didn’t want even a teensy peek getting out there. I actually started this LAST November. I had the front and back and went to baste it, and I looked at it and realized that it was just too small to be at all practical. It was only the second quilt I’d made (I think. Maybe third) and I hadn’t thought about dimensions at all.

Instead of trying to rush and get it done in time, I chose to put it aside. But that meant that I had to finish it this year for sure!

The entire quilt was built around my mom telling me how much she liked the Gallery Fiori tan poppies print fabric. Based on that, I chose another tan, some navy blues, a medium blue, and the gold print. I tried to keep with the circles and floral theme, and I wanted a pattern that would show off the fabric. In the end I went with the Rectangle Reverie pattern (also known as Simple Sashing and Rectangles) by Monica @ Happy Zombie. The back is just improv print blocked with sashing, but I love the way it came out as well. I tried to feature the print that my mom originally liked as much as possible. The back shows the original dimensions pretty well, it was the top left corner to the bottom right of the gallery fiori tan poppy print. You see what I mean about being too small to be practical!

The binding is my favorite print by Joel Dewberry, Herringbone (in navy). I ended up doing a simple echo quilting pattern as I didn’t have a lot of time. I didn’t know we were heading up to Oregon until the day before we had to leave! My parents just moved to Oregon, so they are in for some colder weather, so the quilt timing worked out better this year anyway.

I admit, I didn’t want to give this one up, but I couldn’t think of a better recipient for it!

In Progress

Low Volume Log Cabin – I finished another 3 blocks of this. Still no idea how big it’s going to be or where I’m going with it or how I’m going to put the blocks together (they’re all different sizes) but the whole point of this one is to not plan. I already have thoughts of how I want to do the next one!

Hexies –
I did a few of these in Oregon, and even sewed one of the rosettes together, although I didn’t get a picture of that. These are fun to work on when I have a chance, but I’m not really pushing to get it done on a deadline.

Nyan Cat – 
I have this basted, I just need to figure out how I’m going to quilt it. I’m going to tackle this over the weekend, and it may just end up being some sort of echo quilting. I don’t want to take away from the digital/pixelated quality of it by doing an all over design. Before I basted it, I made sure to get a picture of the back, though. I hated ironing this thing. I admit it!

No Progress

Mod Pop Quilt – Still need to design and create the back. I will hopefully tackle that a bit this weekend as well.
April & Kerry’s Quilt – I need a cutting party. Or a plan.
Sew Sew Modern –  I think I might be ready to face this again after the last paper piecing frustration.
NuBees Quilt – Still don’t have enough fabric for the back and don’t really want to get more. Maybe I’ll just use more white.

Linking up to Lee @ Freshly Pieced for the WIP Wednesday link party. Check it out to see all the beautiful projects people are working on!

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