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WIP Wednesday

This week has flown by, and I have not gotten a ton of sewing done. However, it’s for good reason, I swear! On Monday, I turned in the draft of my dissertation to my advisor!! I am still finishing up my project, and I will have to make some changes based on his feedback. Once that’s done, I send it to my entire committee (4 people) and then two weeks after that I give a 45 minute presentation, answer a bunch of questions, and then wait for the outcome to see if I successfully passed. Because photos make everything better, here’s a “wordle” of my dissertation (follow the link to make your own from any input text). Word size is based on how often the word is used. I call this the “angry mango.”

Angry Mango

So needless to say, things are a little stressful around here. However, I’ve been taking stress breaks by sewing. I posted some triangle inspiration last week, and I wasn’t kidding about being inspired!

First, I picked a palette using our forthcoming palette builder tool. I used a photo by Chris Willis (used under creative commons) of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalkย (found near us)ย and I loved the vintage look of the photo and the feeling it evoked.

photo palette


After finding a palette, I began looking at fabrics. At first I thought I would do prints, and I came up with some prints that I liked for it.

first round of fabric choices


However, after looking at all the HST motivational pictures, I decided what I really wanted to do was use solids. So I picked up some konas and cottonย coutures, and one print from circa 1934 to bring in the black and made a bunch of charms.


Solids (kona & cotton couture) and one print from circa 1934


I cut far more neutrals than the print or brights and put them all in a bag.

Bag of charms


This is my first time trying “brown bag” (really, white bag) and I am LOVING it! While I do change some out (if the colors are the same, or if one of the few brights ends up with the same neutral) I do this very rarely and it’s just so stress free. One thing I didn’t think about is that storing them all in the bag means they come out rather wrinkled. However, I pull 5 sets at a time, press them all, sew them up, and cut them down the diagonal. It’s super fast! Perfect for relaxing my brain after working.

So far, I have 5 rows done. I don’t know how many rows I’m going to do. I’m just planning to go until it looks done.



Sorry for the photo quality, but I am mostly working on this at night. When it’s sewn together instead of just hanging out on my design wall, I’ll get a real photo. In the meantime, I’m loving the way this is coming along, and the relaxing nature of this quilt!

Many thanks to Lee at freshly pieced for continuing the WIP Wednesday link-up tradition!



WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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