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WIP Wednesday

I’m feeling like I’m making glacial speed on projects lately, but to be fair, I’m doing a lot of hand-sewing which takes a lot of time and doesn’t leave a whole lot to show for it. I also spent the weekend hanging out with Heather Ross and didn’t make a ton of progress on quilty things.


Skill Builder BOM – I was unhappy with my original Magnum block, so I pulled the inner neutral and replaced it with something that had a bit more contrast but still read as a low volume print. I like it SO much more now. I probably should have ironed it before taking the second picture but whatever!


As a reminder, this is what it looked like before:


Lucky Stars BOM – When I was getting overwhelmed with garment sewing this weekend, I took a break and made the february Lucky Stars block. I might re-do it to see if I can save the points (I forgot to move my needle to the right place after garment sewing).


Handstitched Modern Medallion Quilt – I’ve finished a bit more since this picture was taken, but not enough to justify another picture. I’m about half-way done now and hopefully will make up some progress this week! This is the project that is taking the majority of my time. And could also use a bit of ironing!


No Progress:
April & Kerry’s Quilt – 
Cutting out all the pieces is one of my goals for February.
Tote Swap – Will probably get to this after QuiltCon! (OMG QUILTCON)
A Quilt for Me – Maybe in March?
NuBees Quilt – My February Lovely Year of Finishes goal so I should stop putting it off.

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