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WIP Wednesday

I had a little trouble focusing this week, so I spent most of my week bouncing from project to project. That means no finishes, but I did get a few things worked on at least!



Sew Sew Modern 2 Swap – Finally got the paper-pieced patterns made and numbered, and then remembered to flip them, so my pattern has all the numbers mirrored but that just makes it more entertaining. I really need to practice my y-seams. I’ve been debating whether to rip the seam or not. I hate ripping seams when it comes to paper-pieced things because the parts are so fiddly and bias-y. I’ll probably do the second feather and decide afterwards if I should rip the seam or not on this one.



Low Volume Log Cabin – I had out all my low volume scraps (well I thought I did, and then I just found another bag full of them… oops) for making the feather paper-piecing, so I decided to bust out a few smaller log cabins to give the more improv feel I’m going for. I’ve got it up on the design board so I can play around with it. Hopefully I’ll get a few more cool-colored centered cabins made in the next couple of days so I can flesh this out more. I’m pretty excited about it. For once, I know exactly how I’m going to quilt it.

April & Kerry’s Quilt – I have almost all of the white fabric cut. Actually, I do have all the white fabric cut. The problem is there wasn’t enough white fabric to make all the parts I needed to cut. I’m waiting to see if I need to order more black fabric before placing the order. Hope to finish that in the next couple of days so I have time to finish all the cutting before the end of the month!

No Progress 

Charity Quilt – Stymied on what to do for the back of this quilt.
F+F Blocks – Since this month’s blocks are for Karen, I don’t need to ship them, so I’ve been lazy about doing them.
NuBees Quilt – Need to make the back of this quilt too.
Bento Box – Need to find where I put the pieces for this quilt…
Hand-stitched Quilt – Can’t face the hand-quilting yet.
Granny Squares – Not feeling inspired by this at the moment.

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