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WIP Wednesday

I was hoping to have made more progress this last week, but two things happened that have pretty much stopped me in my tracks.

First was this:


Then there was this:


I put my foot down and nothin’ happens. The light comes on, but nobody’s home. If I jiggle the cord, it will sometimes connect and start going again briefly, but mostly it’s just time to admit defeat and take it to the repair shop. I have a small backup machine which I’m going to get out and get familiar with and at least get the binding done on my two charity quilts.

But until then, here’s this week’s progress.



Palette Builder 2 (Beta) – This is a huge one, as this is the project I’ve been working on for a while! We took the feedback we got on the first incarnation of the palette builder, and made a new version with more control. You can read more about it here, or just go play with it here!



F+F Blocks – I finished these off at our guild’s sew day. I’m really happy with how they came out, such fun blocks! The two dark ones are for Karen, and the two lighter ones are for Michelle which takes care of April AND May. It was nice that they both wanted the same block. 🙂



Jacob’s Heart Charity Quilt – I finished the second charity quilt, and Karen @ CapitolaQuilter very kindly FMQed it for me since my wrists were hurt. Thank you thank you thank you! It looks amazing. I can’t wait to show it off with the binding on!


April & Kerry’s Wedding Quilt – Fabric is ALL cut! All 3000+ pieces. I am so happy to have that done! I laid out one of the blocks to see what I was in for, and I’m just a tad intimidated by this thing. But one step at a time, and I’m sure it’ll get done. 🙂

Wonky Log Cabin Quilt – I started on a few more blocks for this, but haven’t finished them up so there are no pictures, yet!

Hopefully with the backup machine I can make some progress on things. It’s my niece’s birthday this weekend, so no sewing is likely to get done, and my two charity quilts are due next Tuesday!

Linking up to Lee @ Freshly Pieced and her WIP Wednesday link party.

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