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Quilt layout

WIP Wednesday

As Gillian mentioned on Monday, it’s been a little crazy for us lately. However, we’ve started getting a few spare moments here and there, and quilt progress is being made again!



Nothing major this time around, but I did finish cutting up the charms for one of my rainbow charm swaps. I got the color blue-violet, which is pretty hard to find! I ended up using these for my charms:

Blue Violet fabrics

From left to right:
Moda – Kate Spain – Good Fortune – Dragonfly in Reflection
Timeless Treasures – Crosshatch Sketch in Purple
Dear Stella – Petal Pusher – Stella Dot in Purple
Dear Stella – Petal Pusher – Diamond Dot in Purple
Westminster/Free Spirit – Houndstooth in Hot House Blue


In Progress:

The HST quilt is coming along. All the pieces are made, and now they’re all trimmed as well. They’re sitting on my design wall, waiting for me to sew them together, although I want to futz with the layout a bit more. Apparently I can’t just let it be totally random! 😉

Trimmed and untrimmed HST stacks

I started with charms, which means they’re about 4.75″ squares untrimmed, but I trimmed them to 4.25″ because I was worried that some wouldn’t fit in 4.5″. In retrospect, probably overcautious, but I like the ending size quite a bit, actually. I made more than enough squares that it will still be an okay size when done.

Quilt layout

My totally random layout which hasn’t been tweaked. I have extra squares (seen at the bottom) that I will probably use on the back. As a reminder, this is the color palette I was working from.

Color Palette – Santa Cruz Boardwalk


New Projects:

I’m really excited to work on a “dissertation quilt”. Basically a quilt that in some way symbolizes the last 7 years. To keep it challenging (ha ha) I also want it to be a quilt for our bed. So it will be large (queen sized) and I’d like it to be something that I would want to see on my bed. I’m still playing around with colors, but here are some fabrics that I picked up in Monterey that are in my proposed color scheme.

Black, White, Grey, and Turquoise

This quilt will likely take a long time to come to fruition, as I am terrible at making decisions about colors and designs when it comes to something for ME.

Thanks, as always, to Lee for the WIP Wednesday link party!
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