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WIP Wednesday

I’m working on three projects at once (that always works well) because I’m having some trouble focusing.


First up is the start of a mini-quilt for the Sew Sew Modern 5 swap. This is a thing I should be working on more than I am. But I’ve made some good progress so far.


I’ve also made some progress on turning my small log cabins into a quilt top. I just need to do the border and this one is done. This isn’t a super high priority, so it will probably get back burnered for a bit while I finish up my swap project, above.


Also until I am somewhere with a bigger design wall than I have at home.


And finally I’m working on a little art project. My quilt design a day challenge has recently morphed into a series of alien flora blocks. It’s been an incredibly fun thing to play with and design. I’ve been using the 1/4 circle templates by bettycrockerass (they’re rounder than a typical drunkard’s path, and there is no background at the edges) for my designs since I picked up a set of them. I made one of the blocks, although I still haven’t padded it out to the full size.


I have some fiber optics and LEDs and have evil plans to make the flower light up because it’s alien and sci-fi tells me everything that is to do with space has running lights. But that hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully this weekend.

Linking up to Lee @ Freshly Pieced and her WIP Wednesday party.


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