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WIP Wednesday

So to continue from last week’s trials and tribulations


I remade the dandelion embroidery at the appropriate size. And then I glued down the back without putting in the backing first. So I figured I’d just glue that in, too. And then the glue sorta peeked through the front and looked bad and dingy, so I thought maybe I could iron it up like you do with candle wax in fabric. Pro tip: That doesn’t work. (Exhibit A: The top right corner of the hoop above.)


So I remade the dandelion embroidery AGAIN, and this time used a no-glue method for securing it and called it very much done. Phew!


As for the curved piecing, I tried it again, thank you all so much for your tips and tricks! I’d used Leanne @ she can quilt’s video before and a few people mentioned it again. I THOUGHT that was the method I’d been using, but when I followed the link, I realized I had the wrong piece on top while I was sewing! I had the L shaped piece on top instead of the quarter circle. When I flipped it over, voila. It worked wonderfully. I also tried a few other methods while I was at it, but that was the one I found worked the best for me. (Bonus: no pins.)


So. Much. Better.


Now that I am more comfortable with my curved piecing, I went to work on another project which I can’t reveal for a bit, but hey look quilting fun! Looks kind of like crop circles. πŸ™‚

I guess the lesson in all of this is to keep trying, because you’ll get it eventually. Also,Β don’t hot glue fabric together, it looks like ass.


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