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WIP Wednesday

Holy cow this week is flying by!

First up, a quick winner announcement of last week’s “win some Kona” drawing.


The winner is Hayley with comment #89.


The other winner was the color brown, with the most votes for “least likely to use that color.”


In sewing news, I’ve been making a bit of progress. After tackling curves last week, I was able to finish up the top for my next alien flora design, Lunabelle.


The top is 36″ x 36″, and quite a bit bigger than the Morsafada design. I hadn’t quite realized HOW much bigger until it was done. (It turns out a foot in each direction is noticeable. Who knew?)


Not that it necessarily matters. It’s not like I know what I’m doing with these anyway. πŸ™‚


I also had to get a head shot for a talk I’m giving next month. Eli was nice enough to take some photos of me. This is how I normally look in front of the camera.


I like this photo the best, but we went with a differentΒ one for the actual talk.

Wow this post is disjointed! It’s been that kind of week. So in regards to nothing above, I’ve finally hit my limit of making quilt tops. I’m starting to feel a very strong pull towards finishing a bunch of them that I have sitting around. So hopefully I’ll start having some finishes soon. But that requires making quilt backs, which is definitely not my favorite part of quilting!

Do you have any handy tricks you use for designing and making quilt backs? Please feel free to share!



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