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WIP Wednesday

I meant to post some of this stuff last week, but my computer was in the shop longer than expected, so I’ll just have to share it this week!


Last month I took a workshop with Jacquie Gering on scrappy improv. The class was wonderful, and I’ve been trying to finish the top in between all my other commitments. So far I have the top half done! This is ending up a rather odd size, so I have no idea whatΒ I’ll do with it when it’s done, but it was a fun step out of my comfort zone.


I’m also making progress on my pillow top for The Great Pillow Fight swap. I shared my initial designΒ and I just couldn’t get into it, so I started over. This isn’t my normal color scheme, but I thought it was well suited based on my partner’s requests.


I think I made every mistake in the book putting this top together. I started it when I didn’t have my computer (where I had initially drafted the design) but figured I could redo it using graph paper. What’s so hard with that?


I still suck at math guys. Seriously. I was supposed to end up with an 18″ pillow cover and this is 24″. Well technically it’s 22.15″ and I put a border to bring it up to something sane. But I don’t even know how it’s possible to be off by that much? I also constructed it backwards from how it should be done, so I had to rip seams, remove blocks, Β and do partial seams most of the way. Just…eesh. All those grey squares up there had to be removed and redone with bigger ones because: math.

Anyway, it’s done, I just need to baste/quilt and turn it into a pillow. I’m glad it’s getting finished soon because I’m about to be very busy. Hopefully I can share that news next week!

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