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WIP Wednesday

So last week I went back to school. I was starting to feel like I was missing out on the constant stress of over-commitment, so I signed up for a small metalworking and jewelry class. I’ve wanted to learn metalsmithing for a while, and our local community college offered a class so I signed up. So far it’s been a lot of fun!

I’m also making progress on wedding planning stuff. We’re thinking October of next year (although sometimes I think “oh hey, let’s just do May because look: neat date and having so much time seems too luxurious!”) and we’re narrowing in on a venue.


In the quilting realm, not so much progress. I am signed up for a Glam Clam workshop this Friday with Latifah @ The Quilt Engineer. I’m super excited to meet her, because I am a huge fan girl of her work and style. Plus another quilter/engineer type! How awesome is that?


Before the workshop we need to have cut our pieces, which means I couldn’t put off figuring out what fabric to use until the night before. I love helping other people pick color palettes, but am terrible at picking them for myself because I get so fickle and indecisive. I finally decided it was time to use up my large black/black&white stash of fabrics that I almost never use. I was going to add in some colors but ended up liking it better just the way it was. (Although I have plans for a super bright binding.)



I’ve started cutting, and I laid out some of the pieces to make sure I liked the way it was going. I am both relieved and thrilled. I wanted quite a few of these busy prints so the clamshell shape would get a bit lost. When I cut out my black prints, those will stand out (as will the lighter ones) and really draw attention to the shape, which I’m excited about. As I cut more pieces, we’ll see if it’s really what I was after, but so far, I am excited about where it’s going!


Also it kind of looks like large rain clouds over my color city on my design wall with the leftovers of my improv quilt up there. I am easily amused.

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