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WIP Wednesday + A Lovely Year of Finishes

Getting a bit of a late start on today’s post, mostly because I’ve been trying to organize all the things going on this month. I have a lot of things starting, and I always spend quite a bit of time prepping and figuring out color schemes and fabrics and the like.

But before we get to that, let’s look at the finishes!


Paper-Piecing Side Swap – I got a little carried away with this one (I often use the phrase “Anything worth doing is worth over-doing.” and that might be applicable here), and I still can’t share it, but hopefully tomorrow or Friday. I made the requisite single block and then had a vision pop in my head and I couldn’t be happy until it was made.

Angel Blocks – I ended up making a couple of angel blocks for NuBees for two people who hadn’t received their blocks from September. I wanted to get them done pretty fast, so I didn’t do anything too fancy, but I still am waiting for them to be received before posting pictures.


Hexies Pillow – I’ve finished the big rosettes, now I just need to fill in the sides to make it squared off enough to be usable. I need to baste more hexies before I can make more progress with this one. I worked on this a lot over the holidays, and my 8 year-old niece really enjoyed popping the paper out of the back.


Sew, Sew Modern – This is due later this month, so it’s at the top of the to do list. I’ve made two more cranes, and now I just have the pink one and the re-do of the blue one left. I’m a little frustrated at the heather ross purple, it’s not quite one way or the other enough to fit well in my color wheel. If it just ends up not working it may get relegated to the back and I’ll do a different purple one. I’m waffling between salt water and notting hill for the pink. I’ll need to look at them in better light.


Madrona Road Challenge Quilt – After sketching tons of quilt ideas and looking at inspiration, I finally have an idea I like for the madrona road challenge. I’ve ordered more of two of the fabrics and got all of the solids I need today, so hopefully I can start making progress on this one in the next couple of days. I’ve also joined the Lovely Year of Finishes hosted by Fiber of All Sorts, and this is the finish I’ve chosen for January.


Skill Builder BOM – I’ve joined a few year-long things and so I find myself having to pick three color palettes for large quilts over the last couple of days. I love picking palettes, but I also tend to waffle for a long time on them, but I feel pressure to pick so I can get started. For the Skill Builder BOM quilt hosted by Pile O’ Fabric, I was inspired by this quilt, and have decided to do shot cotton rainbow on low volume neutrals. Hopefully that’s a color palette I won’t get totally sick of in 12 months.


Lucky Stars BOM – Hosted by Don’t Call Me Betsy, every month is a new paper-pieced star pattern. They seem pretty straight forward so I thought it’d be a fun quilt. For this one, I was inspired by this pillow, and am planning to do yellows/golds/oranges (and maybe coral here and there?) on royal blue/navy/indigo. I don’t have a picture of these yet because I think I might need yes, more solids. It’s a bit of a literal take on the stars in a night sky, but I like the effect on the pillow, so I thought I’d go for it.

Handstitched Class – I signed up for the Stitched in Color handstitched class, which means I need to pick a palette for the medallion quilt. I am totally stuck on this one. I think I might just find a pretty focal fabric I really like and pull colors from that, because I’m having a really hard time narrowing down what I want to do.

Eesh, no wonder I’m feeling overcommitted this month!

No Progress

South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild Tote swap – Due in March, waiting for my partner to post her mosaic.
April & Kerry’s now-very-late wedding quilt – This will likely be the focus of my Year of Finish goals in later months, but I am way over committed this month. Next month will be better I’m sure! 😉
A quilt for me – Seriously. Cobbler’s children have no shoes except in this case it’s the cobbler who has none! Probably the low volume improv log cabin quilt.
Friends + Fabric Bee – waiting for a clarification on the block, but the design is fairly straightforward on these, so shouldn’t be a problem.

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