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Work in Progress Wednesday

Summer sure is flying by! I cannot believe it’s already August. I’ve been trying to take life at a slower pace this summer, but my love of joining swaps and bees is making that a bit hard!

In the last month I’ve designed two new blocks. The first I submitted to the QuiltCon block challenge, and the second I made for my hivemates in the NuBees Block Swap.

A block I designed for the QuiltCon block challenge.

I’m fairly happy with how this turned out, although some of that wonkiness is a bit unintentional! Right now I’m working on blocks that are similar using text fabrics and black/white/grey prints for my dissertation quilt. I’m hoping that using a variety of frame sizes and prints will have a nice effect. That quilt will end up being almost queen sized.

I love the NuBees swap because it lets me experiment with block designs in a lot of color schemes, including some I wouldn’t usually choose myself. I spent a nice summer afternoon sitting outside sketching out pages and pages of potential block designs:

A couple of pages of different ideas for quilt blocks.

I settled on one design, and despite a few frustrating math errors and some quality time with my seam ripper, I’m really happy with the results! I can churn these blocks out pretty quickly now. Maybe I’ll write a tutorial…

Black, white, and red.
Green, blue, and grey.
Emerald, turquoise, and red.
Blue and white.
Purple, blue, and pink.

I love all these different color combinations, and plan to experiment a bit more with this design in the future.

Finally, I’ve been working on a few gifts. One of them was a birthday gift for my mother, which she has now received… but unfortunately I forgot to take photos of everything! I made a matching set of napkins, placemats, and a tablecloth out of this gorgeous stack of fabrics:


Originally I was just going to do placemats and a tablecloth, but I just HAD to make these napkins after receiving some myself as part of an incredibly touching gift. My guildmates each made me one of these as a going away gift, since I’m moving to Boston in just a few weeks! So here are the napkins, the only part of the gift I remembered to photograph before packing it all up for mailing:

Napkins – three pink, three green.

Still working on another surprise gift (which is going to be a month or so late at this point), so no photos of that yet, but it’s coming along nicely. I’m planning to sew up until the very last minute when I absolutely have to put the machine into a moving box.

I hope everyone is having as wonderful a summer as I am!


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