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WTF Wednesday

You know how I said last week I was feeling motivated to finish up some projects?

Well I started two new projects instead.


On Friday our guild had a scrappy improv workshop with Jacquie Gering. She is a wonderful instructor! I really learned a lot from her, and she’s so personable and really cares about what you’re working on and helping you improve.


I’m not super comfortable with improv (control freak, what?) but I started to get a bit of a feel for it during the workshop. Then this weekend I spent some more time working on making more blocks and feel like I’m just starting to scratch the surface of getting the blocks to have the effect that I want.


I’m also in a new swap, The Great Pillow Fight. It’s the re-start of the Pillow Talk Swap, and partners have been assigned. I’m pretty excited to get started, so I picked fabrics


and made patterns


and started sewing. And I really don’t like it. Go figure. Unless my partner is deeply in love with it, I think I’m going to do a different pattern and see if I can’t get a bit more contrast in there.

The title of this post was a mis-type but I thought I’d leave it. And to fit with it, I will leave you with this little story from yesterday. Eli and I have lunch together once a week. We’d just finished up and he was walking me back to my car.

Me: “Is that an old banana on my hood??”
“That IS a banana! OMG. That’s so gross!”

Eli: “That sucks! I’m sorry hon.”

Me: “God I hate people.”

Eli: “I know, sweetie.”

Me: “What kind of person leaves a half-eaten banana on someone’s car??”

*Eli and I go find a trashcan and I throw away the banana*

Me: “I think I know who left the banana on the car…”
“At the workshop on Friday I went to eat my banana I’d brought and half of it was super mushy so I set it down on the hood while I grabbed the rest of my stuff and then apparently forgot it there and it got wedged between my hood and windshield.”

Eli: “…”
“So, I’ll see you tonight then.”

Man, he acts like *he’s* never left a banana on the hood of his car.

I picked up our other car from the mechanic later that day, and they’d replaced the windshield wipers as part of the service, and left the old one in the nook between the hood of the car and the windshield. So it’s totally not just me. They  obviously agree that it’s a perfectly good place to store trash for later!


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